Mission Statement: We aim to serve superior quality food and superior customer service with over 20 years of grilling and smoking meat experience.
We provide great tasting BBQ at its finest.
About: Lil Frank’s BBQ is a homemade mobile grill catering service. Lil Frank started grilling over 20 years ago for birthdays, family reunions and party occasions. Throughout the years being called upon to grill for his family and friends, he grew a passion that would leave him dreaming of owning his own BBQ business one day. Then one day his dear friend Kirk Askew (Uncle Booker Bar-B-Kew) went into business and asked Lil Frank to be by his side. After a few years of competing in BBQ contest and catering events along side Uncle Booker and seeing the smiles and satisfaction on costumers faces Lil Frank decided it was time to do the same. Lil Frank bought an oil drum and called his good friend Patrick Haskins who has been a metal fabricator for over 20 years to help him customize a grill/smoker in his image.Lil Frank would like to thank his dear friend Kirk Askew, Patrick Haskins and his family for the encouragement and support to make his dream come true.
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